It has been proven that most victims during dramatic circumstances due to a fire do not get injured by heat or flames but from smoke and gases. S-CAP is an escape hood especially designed to protect persons endangered by smoke and gases generated by fires. The most dangerous of them is carbon monoxide. S-CAP provides an effective protection for eyes, head and especially the respiratory tract, and thus persons can rescue themselves with little risk.

The smoke hood S-CAP features a clearly visible bright yellow hood fitted with a wide lens allowing a large field of vision. Inside the hood, a nose cup gives a perfect adaptation to a wide variety of head and face sizes and is directly connected to a multipurpose filter with a broad protection range, including carbon monoxide. For a better respiratory comfort, the hood is also equipped with an exhalation valve.

The adjustable head harness located on the outside of the hood is directly attached to the nose cup. Once tightened, the hood fits the head closely. The hood material, as well as the harness and the lens, are resistant against heat and short flame contact. EN 403 Duration: 15 minutes
Full Face Masks
MSA´s expertise in breathing protection becomes very visible in the range of the full face masks. Comfort and quality, useful accessories and an unbelievable range of filters meet every challenge put up by hazardous gases.
3S Full Face Masks
The MSA 3S full face mask, the most successful mask design in the world with over 5 millions units sold, has been upgraded. It offers even more user comfort and value, without changing the 3S Classic style! A softer face seal, enlarged harness attachment areas, a deeper chin cup combined with the proven classic design, the MSA 3S improves its efficiency whilst remaining one of the user’s favourite full face masks. EN 136 class 3

Ultra Elite
Applying the latest state-of-the-art in mask technology, the MSA Ultra Elite Full Face Mask creates a new standard of quality, directly inspired by its predecessor – the MSA 3S.
Combining practical experience with modern design, it provides a higher level of performance in respiratory protection. Ultra Elite was developed in close cooperation with many fire services and large industrial organisation for use in normal and positive pressure modes.
All Ultra Elite masks are approved according to EN 136 class 3.

3S Basic Plus

The 3S Basic Plus is provided for use with respiratory protective filters [screw-type filters with thread to EN 148-1], assisted and non-assisted fresh air breathing apparatus, air-line systems and Powered-Air-Purifying-Respirators.
It is not approved for use by fire departments or as face piece in combination with compressed-air breathing apparatus [certified to EN 136, Class 2].

Airline Breathing Equipment : Heavy duty airline equipment for use in industry, construction, tank cleaning.
Compressed Airline Breathing Apparatus

Compressed airline breathing apparatus independent from the ambient atmosphere. To be used in areas where the ambient air is irrespirable or oxygen deficient. Modular system with wide choice of accessories to meet individual requirements.
Cavair AL

The Cavair AL offers protection from hazardous vapors, gases, particles, chemicals, paint sprays and splinters. It is a light hood with visor and head gear, breathing air is supplied via a compressed airline and a regulating valve
Sandblast Cap Light

The Sandblast Cap Light is the right choice for sandblasting with its lens sieve and shoulder/ chest cover.
Air-Purifying Respirators (APR)
A wide range of full face masks, half masks, filtering facepieces, hoods and visors, in combination with filters and turbo devices giving the user the best choice in selecting the best protection according to the relevant European Norm.
Full Face Masks
MSA´s expertise in breathing protection becomes very visible in the range of the full face masks. Comfort and quality, useful accessories and an unbelievable range of filters meet every challenge put up by hazardous gases
Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR)
PAPRs are perfect working devices, where comfortable breathing protection is needed. A blower is moving the hazardous air through filters and the wearer is provided with filtered air consistently.
Filtering Facepieces
The Affinity series features a full range of disposable masks for professional and DIY [Do-It-Yourself] use. The two product lines of folded and cup-shaped respirators offer effective protection against penetrating solid and liquid aerosol particles present in various work enviroments. Meeting the requirements of EN 149:2001, the different types of masks conform respectively to protection levels FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.
Half Masks
Comfortable, efficient and economic. With complete and exclusive filter programme to protect against harmful particles and/or gases.
Filters for Full Face Masks and PAPRRespiratory protection with filters is dependent on the ambient air. In order to use filtering respirators, the type, properties and composition of the hazardous agent in the ambient air must be known. The oxygen content in the inhalation air must be at least 17 vol.%. When using particle filters, no hazardous gases must be present; when using gas filters, no hazardous particles. In case of doubt combined filter must be used. See also our Filter Selection Guide. Mask Accessories
Full range of accessories for a better comfort and safety.
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